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At the end of September a throng of bright young things will be heading off to university. It is an exciting, yet terrifying time; a time of hope and opportunity, but also anxiety and concern – for both the aspiring students and their parents.

This year’s intake is a little special. My BFF’s son is heading off to the very university at which she and I met, all those years ago. Where did all the time go?!

Back in the day, the car was packed with books, bedding and crockery. Our work was handwritten, until the final year when we used the ‘Computer Room’ – a windowless room, deep in the heart of a drab building, where rows of bulky monitors flashed their green and black screens. We had to ‘format’ a disk and come to terms with a ‘word processing package’. Once your thesis was typed it was printed off on computer paper, wide stripped rolls of paper with perforated edges.

Today, the car is packed with laptop computers, WiFi printers and mobile phones that probably have more processing power than that old mainframe. That’s another thing, there used to be phone on every other floor of the student block. When your mum rang, someone had to pick up and come find you, resulting in regular shouts of: “your mum’s on the phone’ echoing around the building.

There has been so much change in such a short time. Some things are undoubtedly better, while in other ways life is more complicated. Of course, for young people this is the only world they know – they have nothing against which to compare it – so they get on with living, learning and loving.

If, like me, you are looking for a gift for someone heading off to university, here are some of the fun things we found.



Links to Suppliers

The Little Boys Room on Not on the High Street,

Cha Com LetrasBinary BoxFuture Mapping Company,

Hanna Melin on Not on the High Street,

Lisa Marie DesignsMirrorin on Not on the High Street,

Rosie’s Vintage Lampshades on Not on the High Street,

Bonnie and BellNewton and the Apple,

Inspaces, Discovery Store,

Posh Totty Designs Interior on Not on the High Street,

Feature image: Pocket Folio Metal Tin Kits by Letteroom



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