Made in Bloomsbury Highlights

The MADE series of events are curated shows of skilled and experienced designer-makers. Organised by artist and print maker Sarah Young with administrator Jon Tutton, the shows build upon the couple’s hugely successful Brighton Art Fair.

The quality of work on show is remarkable. We popped into the Bloomsbury event and met some passionate artists dedicated to their craft. These are some of our favourites.

Click on an image to launch the gallery and scroll through. Click here for more Made Events.

Link to Stockists

Wallflower London, Yuta Segawa, Rose B Brown,

Rachel Cox Ceramics, Mizuyo Yamashita, Caroline Lingwood,

Brett Payne, Amy Cooper Ceramics, Alison West Ceramics,

Jane Sarre, William Self, Sally Weatherill

Tutton and Young


Feature image: Tinto bowls by Rachel Cox Ceramics


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