Remembrance: Somme 100


Last summer we visited Verdun in northern France. Verdun is to the French, what the Somme is to the United Kingdom. Hundreds of men died in in a grim and ferocious battle that lasted weeks. The French pressed the British to start the Somme offensive, just to relieve the Verdun front. The Somme turned into another front where hundreds of men, often very young, died.

As we mark the 100 year anniversary of these events, we found some poppy print interiors. Keep a poppy in your home to remember and never forget. There is no glory in war, only in peace.

Link to suppliers

Cole and Son, In-spaces, Sanderson,

Rug Seller, Serien Lighting,  Fabrics and Papers,

Mogwaii on Not on the High Street

Smart Deco on Not on the High Street

Feature image: Maggie Thompson at John Lewis



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