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In recent years the formal dinner party has given way to laid-back kitchen suppers. Now dinnerware is embracing that cool, relaxed, easy-going vibe. Pick and mix, or mix and match, the look is eclectic and fun.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend countless weekends trawling homewares shops and antique fairs, vintage markets and charity shops. There are some gorgeous ranges out there to help you make it all look effortless.

For a bold look, there are striking patterns and contrasting colours that sit together in eye-catching harmony. For a more graceful approach, there are single colour ranges in textured finishes. These are some of our favourites.


2016 04 10 tokyo design studio star wave

Starwave by Tokyo Design Studio – Each piece comes in two bold colours, printed with a delicate geometric pattern.


2016 04 10 stylist pols-potten-hippy-plates-and-mosaic-bowls

Hippy and Mosaic by Pols Potten – Bold colours and bold patterns make a strong statement. Together the pieces look fantastic, while the white bowls provide some balance.


2016 04 10 sainsburys santana tableware

Santana by Sainsbury’s – This pretty supermarket range looks expensive but is very affordable. In a classic blue and white colour palette, it makes for a pretty summer setting.


2016 04 10 royal doulton pastels

Pastels by Royal Doulton – this is a elegant setting in a range of soft pastels is ideal for anyone looking for a more subtle approach.


2016 04 11 west elm textured-dinnerware-set-white-c

Textured by West Elm – of course the most subtle approach of all is this all white range. The mix of textured patterns means you can keep things simple, but interesting.


2016 04 10 oka rashi dinnerware

Rashi and Leyla by Oka – these bold ranges will take you to the sun-drenched south of France or the exotic souks of north Africa.

2016 04 10 habitat sintra dinnerware

Sintra by Habitat – this lush green set takes a simpler approach; the crackle glaze gives each piece a luxurious feel.


2016 04 10 jaspar conran chinoiserie tableware

Chinoiserie by Jaspar Conran, Wedgwood – A bold, statement in a modern classic pattern, this is for the grown-up table.


2016 04 11 ikea overens dinnerware

Overens by Ikea – For everyday, this range from Ikea is fun and can be mixed with plain pieces in green, white, blue or grey.


Here’s a gallery of all our favourites. Click on the arrows scroll through. For ideas on putting together an eclectic table setting and some cool ideas for home made centre pieces see our Pinterest board: tenderfootdzine


Links to Stockists

Tokyo Design Studio from Amara Living,

Pols Potten from Amara Living and Heals,

Sainsbury’s, Royal Doulton, West Elm,

Oka Direct, Habitat, Wedgwood, Ikea

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