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There is something almost hypnotic about sitting in a rocking chair. The gentle movement soothes and calms. It is said the rhythm mimics the feeling of being in a womb which is why the chair has become a ‘must-have’ for nurseries. Rockers have also long been associated with the elderly or the infirm.

We think it is time for another look at this undervalued piece of furniture. After all, why should mothers and babies, or grannies have all the fun!

In 1955, John F Kennedy was was told to take up swimming and buy a rocking chair to help deal with his chronic back problems. The chair was such a hit that when he became president, Kennedy took a chair onto Air Force One, had another installed in Camp David and gave them as gifts to heads of state and friends. The chair, made by P&P Chair Company, came to be known as the Kennedy Rocking Chair. You can see Kennedy’s White House chair in the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

The angle of the seat on a rocking chair relives pressure on the lower back. If you have a bad back, a rocking chair is a pretty good idea. And if you don’t, it is still a good idea.

While away a summer evening with a garden rocker, a glass of Pimms and a good book. Chill out in the evening with the latest TV hit and or with friends by a wood burning stove. It’s time to get rocking!

Here are some of the best rocking chairs we found. Just click on an image to launch the gallery and scroll through.


Link to Suppliers

Puji, Pash Living, LoafNest,

Esty, Made in DesignIkea,

Wayfair, HouseologyHeal’s,

LimeLace, John Lewis, Maisons du Monde,

Feature image: Poltrona Frau Don’do Rocking Chair by Nest

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