Trend: Moroccan Allure

We take a look at how you can bring a touch of Moroccan style home.  Whether you are looking for a refined, romantic look for a bedroom or a hookah lounge theme in a reception room.  These tips will set you on the right path.

Since the 1960s Morocco has been the inspiration for a luxurious, romantic look that rides the trends to endure as a timeless classic.

The country sits less than nine miles from the coast of Europe but feels a world apart. The many occupiers of this land have left their mark, most notably the Arabs. This Islamic heritage has resulted in design dominated by floral and geometric patterns. Tempering this style are influences from the Romans, Spanish, French and Berbers.  Their impact can be seen in the woodwork, mosaics, metal work, ceramics and fabrics. Take a look at this post for a gallery of images: Marrakesh.

This wealth of choice can be intimidating for amateur designers.  The upside is that the look provides plenty of flexibility and scope for interpretation.  Pick a starting point – tiles, wallpaper or a fabric and build from there. Rooms can range from overtly themed to a more elegant, refined spaces.

Here are some tips for designing your own Moroccan dream.

Colours The colour palette ranges from delicate neutral sandy hues to robust, earthy tones and vibrant, jewel colours. Mediterranean inspired marine blues and summer sky blues are also key colours.  For a traditional look try a terracotta with jeweled glass lanterns and colourful fabrics.  To achieve a modern look, use a sand shade with a single accent colour.

Lighting Soft, diffused light is an important element of this style.  Traditional metal work lampshades gently radiate light and cast geometric patterns on walls and ceilings that imitate mosaic patterns. Use candles and lanterns to build layers of light.

Mosaics These now come in many forms. From traditional ceramic tiles to wallpaper, fabrics, rugs and stencils for hand printing. A single neutral colour scheme will produce a refined, elegant environment.  A bold pattern with multiple colours can create a striking feature.  In large spaces, try mixing mosaic patterns.

Texture An important element is mixing textures to create harmonious friction. Soft silks combined with rough plastered walls, pierced metal lampshades with flowing drapes or mounds of cushions in different colours, shapes and fabrics.


These are some interesting finds to inspire your own look. Click on an image to launch the gallery.

To see this concept in practice here are some images from Houzz. Use the controls below to scroll through the images or click on the image to see the gallery at



Links to Stockists

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Feature Image: Arabesque Circles stencil by Stencilled Up on Etsy.

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