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Picking the right tiles for a project can be a daunting prospect. With so many options to choose from it quickly starts to feel overwhelming. Thankfully, trend reports that pick out the hits heading our way can be enormously helpful. Choosing an emerging fashion takes courage, but it will give you that ‘interior design’ look. Alternatively, take a more measured approach by using tiles in a limited way to create a feature or provide an accent.

Jessica Piddock, In-house Interior Designer with Domus Tiles
Jessica Piddock, In-house Interior Designer with Domus Tiles

During Clerkenwell Design Week, we caught up with Jessica Piddock, In-House Interior Designer at market leading supplier, Domus Tiles to discover their hot picks.


Sophisticated pastels are starting to emerge as a key trend in interiors generally. This is now feeding through into tiles. The look is elegant and grown-up, rather than sugary and child-like.

At the other end of the spectrum rich, jewel colours such as petrol blue are gaining traction. Shades of deep blue have been around for a while now and this is evolving into a wider range of opulent colours.

2016 07 11 spazio tiles blue
Pastel blue tiles in a geometric pattern by Spazio.

Both pastels and rich colours can be balanced in a scheme with grey. The rise of grey was picked up by Claire O’Brien, Head of Design at British Ceramic Tile, who has seen them replace whites and creams as the new neutral. She also identified metallics as an important trend. Gilt edges, worn or beaten metals complement both rich colours and pastels for an opulent finish.

Another way of incorporating colour into a scheme is the used of coloured grout. Go for either white tiles with a bold, primary shade or coloured tiles with a complementary  colour. There are some great examples on our Pinterest board.

2016 07 11 bisazza-contemporary-cement-tiles collezione-hayon
Plisados by Jamie Hayon – geometrics in a bold green looks elegant against off-whites and pale greys

For anyone looking for a bold look, tiles inspired by Pop art is a great pick. Flat graphics, with strong colours and clear outlines make a striking statement. It’s an exciting, edgy look, that retains a sophistication.

Craft, Handmade and Rustic

The rise of the craft movement is now coming through into tiling. Tiles that look hand-made and rustic are replacing the sleek, slick look. Imperfections in the tile, a hand-drawn look or a mix and match approach all reflect this trend. Textured tiles are also an important part of this look.


Geometrics are showing up everywhere and tiles are no different. There are a number of approaches: bold geometrics, fragments or grids. This is a modern, androgynous look, that often takes its inspiration from the mid-century modern trend.

2016 07 11 DRY fragment tiles
D.R.Y tiles in white fragments

Clean, repetitive geometrics are being replaced by a more playful, irregular look. The hexagons are now offset, or the shapes thrown together in a jumble. The fragment look is a modern take on crazy paving that ranges from a bold, colourful approach to an elegant fractured look in a single or muted colour palette.


Developments in production techniques are the driving force behind two trends: organics and large format tiles. High definition printing means manufacturers can now make tiles that look just like the real thing: wood, marble, slate or granite to name a few. Wood effect tiles from some high-end manufacturers do not show a repetition for 26sqm. Once laid, it is hard to tell the difference from the real thing.

2016 07 11 extreme concrete tiles
Concrete effect tiles in rustic rectangles by Extreme

A similar approach is being developed with marble effect tiles. Water-jet cutting methods mean manufacturers can cut large format tiles to give a genuine marble look at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Of course, none of these trends stands alone: rustic tiles in sophisticated pastels or fragmented tiles in bold colours, or vice versa. There is still a lot of choice. So pick a colour or a trend and build from there. Alternatively, use the tiles to create a feature wall or a rug effect on a floor. Pair classic choices, such as wood or marble, with some thing more edgy, or combine opposites to create an eclectic approach. It is all about making your own personal statement.

For more inspiration take a look through the gallery. Simply click on an image to launch the gallery and scroll through. For more inspiration see our Pinterest board.

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